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Mochi is a shard inspired by devise for ruby. Mochi handles everything authentication. Currently amber is the only supported framework with both granite and jennifer orms being supported. I am open to other frameworks being supported, such as lucky, but there is a lot to do before that. If you want this to work with lucky asap, you'll have to open a pull request right now.

The Mochi CLI makes installation easy. Please give a thanks to the amber core team for their CLI. I have pulled it out of amber to use as a base.

Build Status

Note: Only the class 'User' is supported right now. This may change in future releases.

Currently, Mochi has 4 modules:

  1. Authenticable

    • Basic authentication. Sign up, sign in, sign out.

    • Mandatory columns:

      • email & password_digest

        Note: Mochi also puts 'password' and 'new_password' in as attributes, however we don't want these saved in plain text so do NOT add them as columns.

  2. Confirmable

    • Users are required to confirm their email prior to activation. Mochi generates a UUID for each user and sends an email. This UUID is for user activation and verification

    • Mandatory columns:

      • confirmation_token

      • confirmed

      • confirmed_at

      • confirmation_sent_at

      • unconfirmed_email.

  3. Omniauthable

    • Users can sign up with google, facebook, github, twitter or vk. (Google & VK WIP)

    • Mandatory columns:

      • uid

  4. Trackable

    • Tracks sign_in_count, current_sign_in_ip, last_sign_in_ip, current_sign_in_at & last_sign_in_at

    • Mandatory columns:

      • sign_in_count

      • current_sign_in_ip

      • last_sign_in_ip

      • current_sign_in_at

      • last_sign_in_at

  5. Recoverable

    • WIP

    • Allows users to reset password

    • Token is generated & email is sent out, users cannot sign in at this time

    • Users click link in email to confirm password reset

    • Users may now sign in with new password, token is cleared for future use


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Installation Guide


Installation Guide


Installation Guide